Published by lindamc on December 22, 2015

7 Essential Ways to Stay Focused and in Control

This article is an extract from ‘Are Interruptions Stealing Your Time and Costing You a Bucket Full of Money?’

Internal Interruptions
These are the interruptions that are actually initiated by you! Checking emails, social media, making phone calls, making another cup of coffee, flitting from one task to another. Sound familiar? Read on to see how can we reduce this self-sabotage.

Step 1 – Clarify Your Goals
First things first – do you have goals and absolute clarity of what you would like to achieve? Spend some time getting the big picture first and ensure it is in line with your values. For without this, I’m afraid you are pushing a barrow uphill. How do you do this? Join my Four Day Weekend Fast Track Program, which has an amazing worksheet and session on values and goal setting – especially designed for women who own their own business or contact a friend or coach with experience with this. What ever you choose – Go For It!

Step 2– Set Yourself Up To Win
Now you have clarity over what you truly want, the next step would be to set yourself up to win. When is the best time to put aside blocks of time to work uninterrupted on your most important tasks that will move you forward? When are you most productive? Decide when this is and schedule it.

Step 3 – Set Five Important Tasks Weekly
Now you have reduced the chance of external interruptions, have clarity and blocks of time set aside to focus, a way to get more done in this time is to have clear measurable weekly goals. First set five things you would like to achieve during the week that will move you forward and break it down into what you will do in the blocks of time you have set aside –diarise or schedule it. Choose things that you normally don’t make the time for and have been putting off but are really important to your long-term results. You know what they are!

Please note, if you have not read the steps on reducing external interruptions, you may wish to read before continuing. Click here for article on how to Limit Others Interrupting You in 3 Easy Steps

Step 4 – Make Yourself Accountable
Now you have everything in place and five measurable goals set for the week it’s time to make yourself accountable on a weekly basis. This is so powerful and makes achieving your weekly goals so much easier. First find someone to share or swap your goals with and schedule a weekly check in time. However, be careful who you partner with, if they are not serious about moving forward with their goals they can bring you down. Please message me should you need assistance or a suitable partner for this process as I provide an accountability service that consists of ten-minute calls or an email service weekly.

Step 5 – Keep On Track
With everything set in place to win, it’s now a matter of just doing it. If you find yourself going off track a good thing to ask yourself is “What am I doing?” “What is my outcome?” and then refer back to your five set weekly goals. Also many successful people state that looking at your list of long-term goals minimum of twice a day will also assist your focus enormously.

Step 6 – Use Gratitude
Use gratitude to ensure you continue to work towards your long-term goals. When ever you can and especially every night remind yourself of what you are grateful for, say out loud or journal it. This helps sets you up for more happiness the next day. Concentrating on what we haven’t done or what we don’t have can put negativity in place and this can set us up for more of the same. Focusing on the good and what you have done and do have whenever possible seems to ensure more of that turns up.

Step 7 – Reward Yourself
Remember to reward yourself along your journey. Rewards don’t always have to cost money either. It could be a walk in nature, reading in the sunshine, a relaxing salt bath with your favourite music, popcorn and a movie or things like that. Things that cost money could be anything from a favourite magazine or a book to a new item of clothing or something else you’ve been wanting for a while.
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